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Guido Alberini Violin 2002

Guido Alberini is a master violin maker who was active primarily during the late 20th century. From a young age, Alberini showed an interest in music and violin making, and in 1983 he enrolled in the International School of Violin Making in Cremona, Italy. After working under the guidance of masters Massimo Negroni, Giovanni Battista (Gio Batta) Morassi, and Wanna Zambelli, Alberini graduated in 1987. Gaining experience as a luthier, Alberini went on to collaborate in the workshop of Maestro Marco Nolli and has since won domestic and international awards for his work.

Alberini's violin gives clear evidence of his training in the Cremona style. His classically made Stradivari models utilize medium-curl maple, fine-grain spruce, and a warm orange-red hue to the chosen varnish. Alberini's violins, violas, and cellos are perfect models of the ancient Cremonese school while still retaining his own personal touch. This specific model is well-balanced and offers players a rich, mature tone paired with the responsiveness of a newer instrument.


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