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Knopf Family Cello Bow

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Based in Markneukirchen, Germany, this skilled family of luthiers spans five generations, beginning with Christian Wilhelm Knopf (b.1767, d.1837). Sons Karl Wilhelm Knopf (b.1803, d.1860) and Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Knopf (b.1815, d.1897) trained in bow making and continued the family trade. Grandsons and subsequent generations, namely Heinrich Carl (b.1839, d.1875), Johann Wilhelm Knopf (b.1835, d.1912), and Henry (Heinrich) Richard Knopf (b.1860, d.1939), carried on in the family business. Henry – known as H. R. Knopf – studied under Ludwig Bausch in Dresden and G. Christian Adam in Berlin before immigrating to the United States. In 1880, Henry and his sons Eugene and Richard founded H. R. Knopf and Sons Violins in New York City. The business was one of the first violin workshops in the country and grew to be one of the most successful of the early twentieth century.

The family’s patriarch, Christian Wilhelm Knopf, is credited with the invention of the frog’s metal screw and eyelet system. Knopf family bows can be difficult to confirm, but are often stamped with the family name and place of origin. This round, nickel-mounted, pernambuco stick features a classic nickel and ebony frog and button. It creates a warm, bright sound and boasts a fluid, resonant volume. This bow would be a wonderful second stick for ambitious musicians and is in ideal condition.


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