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Otto Hoyer Violin Bow

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Otto Albert Hoyer (b.1889, d.1966) hails from Markneukirchen, Germany, and was part of a renowned family of violin and bow makers. After his bow-making apprenticeship, Hoyer studied with Eugène Sartory in Paris and adopted the Parisian style, earning the distinguishing nickname "Pariser" (The Parisian), which he often used to brand his bows. Hoyer incorporated his teacher’s unique stylistic additions in his own craft, and his bows were sought after by prominent players of his time. By all accounts, Hoyer was the most technically accomplished maker in his family. He eventually returned to Markneukirchen to establish his own workshop, working in Sartory’s style, and was known as one of the best masters of his guild.

Hoyer’s embracing of both French and German influence had a fine effect on his craft, resulting in strong but elegant bows that are always well-balanced. This stick is crafted of fine reddish-brown pernambuco, sterling silver mounted in ebony, and a classic Parisian eye, boasting excellent weight distribution. It shows traces of use, but is still a sturdy specimen that will produce well-rounded sound with a radiantly warm, bright nature.