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Roman Teller, 1974, 16″

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Roman Teller operated a well-known violin workshop in Erlangen, Germany. His son-in-law Rudolph Bruchner eventually took over the business and retained his father-in-law’s name in the company’s branding. Bruchner’s son-in-law went on to run the shop in more recent times and maintained the company’s legacy of fine workmanship.

The Teller workshop was known for using aged fine-grained spruce and lovely flamed maple, and this model is an ideal example of their high-quality work. The golden, reddish-brown varnish highlights the woods’ natural beauty in this robust model. This viola has a large, even tone and it sings with great focus and clarity. A rich, balanced quality makes this viola ideal for intermediate to advanced students and any serious or even professional player.

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