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Samuel Kolstein Acoustic String Bass Bow

Samuel Kolstein (b.1915, d.1999) was born in the lower East Side of Manhattan, New York and was a first-generation American. Early on, Kolstein exhibited musical ability and engineering skills, eventually being accepted to Juilliard for piano. While there, he chose the bass as his requisite secondary string instrument and his teacher, Frederick Zimmermann, recognized and nurtured Kolstein’s talents, including his natural ability for repair. Kolstein began making repairs for his teacher and other professionals, and his career as a luthier grew, leading him to form the Samuel Kolstein Violin Shop in midtown Manhattan in 1943. Though he was largely self-taught, Kolstein also worked for the famed Rembrandt Wurlitzer Establishment as a bow restoration expert during the 1940s and mid-1950s. In his own shop Kolstein employed an international staff of luthiers and in 1958 he relocated to Long Island where in 1971 his son Barrie formally joined him in the business.

Kolstein also performed in orchestras and jazz groups and served during WWII where he both performed and composed numerous pieces for military use. The company he founded has always catered to the requirements of the professional player while also meeting the demanding needs of the aspiring student. This bow is typical of the Kolstein style, well-made with high-quality pernambuco, featuring a smooth, elegant taper and fine details that make it both balanced and responsive. An ebony frog and silver mounting set off the bow, and the smaller frog makes it comfortable for extended periods of play. This stick boasts a loud sound and clear, bright tone that is perfect for both solo and ensemble playing. It is an ideal accompaniment to any of our double bass models.


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