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Samuel Shen Upright Bass 2005

Samuel Shen began his violin-making career in 1989, with his first workshop in Windsor, Canada. He has since moved operations to a larger production facility in Suzhou, in the Jiangsu Province of China. There Shen has trained and developed the talents of the area’s best woodworkers to produce an array of fine string instruments. Shen works hard to adhere to traditional methods and materials throughout the entire violin making process with the goal of making high-quality instruments accessible to players of all levels.

Shen’s bass is crafted from resonant fine-grained spruce and willow which lend the instrument a rich and full but also a slightly dense character. The varieties of tonewood used to craft Shen’s double bass bring complexity and interest. The oil varnish used brings a luxe finish in a light amber-brown hue. This bass is an outstanding example of Shen’s popular and versatile instruments that work well in both jazz and orchestral settings. It holds up to use and will serve as a beautiful, enjoyable instrument for any serious musician, boasting good projection and a rich tone. This Samuel Shen bass from 2005 is listed as model SB-200 – get in touch for more information and pricing.


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