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Vecchio Tedesco Concert Viola

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This choice old European viola virtually sings when the bow is drawn on it. Many players prefer older violas because the wood hardens with age. The result is a viola which is more clear and resonant. To this date, nobody has perfected a way to age wood artificially to reproduce the quality of natural aging. One of the problems with inexpensive older violas is that they tend to have many repairs which may or may not have been done well. The Vecchio Tedesco viola has many years of age on it but is in excellent condition. The wood is high-quality spruce and maple, as found in the best older violas, and varnished to perfection.

Viola includes Dr. Zaret’s Tonal System. Outfit includes either a pernambuco bow or a high quality carbon fiber bow and an oblong case.  Available in 15″-16.5″ sizes.


Price: $3,200.00