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Alanna Schugg Testimonial

Hi Peter,

Yes, I like the new sound! It’s really terrific. I can really push it louder & louder without the tone “cracking” on me. The sound is now very even and clear in places I hadn’t even realized were fuzzy before. A huge improvement. I have the tone, now, that I’ve always wanted from this violin. Also, the responsiveness is much faster and more precise; I can do a smaller/faster vibrato now.  If I want to…It speaks immediately and I feel like I have even more precision with pitch (loud or soft). As if I could do 1/4 tones with a clean sound. Or, I could do a wide gypsy-like vibrato and slides. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s like I now have a greater range of styles available to me in one instrument. Thank You! I’m very happy to have my violin back, with it’s modifications. Thanks again!

Alanna Schugg, assistant to Jack Frye commenting on a German violin with the Zaret Tonal System