Alanna Schugg Testimonial

Hi Peter,

Yes, I like the new sound! It’s really terrific. I can really push it louder & louder without the tone “cracking” on me. The sound is now very even and clear in places I hadn’t even realized were fuzzy before. A huge improvement. I have the tone, now, that I’ve always wanted from this violin. Also, the responsiveness is much faster and more precise; I can do a smaller/faster vibrato now.  If I want to…It speaks immediately and I feel like I have even more precision with pitch (loud or soft). As if I could do 1/4 tones with a clean sound. Or, I could do a wide gypsy-like vibrato and slides. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s like I now have a greater range of styles available to me in one instrument. Thank You! I’m very happy to have my violin back, with it’s modifications. Thanks again!

- Alanna Schugg, assistant to Jack Frye commenting on a German violin with the Zaret Tonal System