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Violin with Bass Bar Email Review

Dear Peter,

The Hammig is superb. It responds instantly on all strings and I totally believe you when say that it is as good as any Strad. This violin has excellent wood and is beautifully crafted, but it was a mystery to me why it was so poor on sound.

From time to time there are discourses on ‘acoustics and the violin’ in the Strad Magazine with various theories put forward and hashed out by the same inner circle year who know all about your miracle bass-bar but dismiss it for the ulterior motive of sustaining the cartel for clapped out Italian instruments. I trust, Peter, that you will live long enough to see your research and bass-bar take its deserved place in the minds and hearts of musicians globally and that intelligent makers will grasp the opportunity to fit your bass-bar and give future musicians the gift of sound as a matter of course.

Thank you Peter, with kind regards, sincerely,

Leo Harris